Path to Freedom

In this post we will discuss how to get permanent freedom from all sufferings. First, of all we should get clear about what we mean by sufferings. We all suffer at some point in our lives in one way or other. I have already discussed in the post titled “Obstacles in living a peaceful life” that we have two worlds – internal and external. Internal refers to our psychological world (our mind) and external refers to the physical universe that we live in. Whatever happens in our external world affects our internal world very deeply. Lets understand how it happens.

As I have already made it clear that if we try tobeakdown our lives into fragments its nothing but a series of several emotionsthat take place in our internal world and several events that take place in ourphysical world. Whatever happens in our lives concerning our physical existensemakes us feel certain emotions and feelings. If something favourable happens inour external world like a job promotion, getting a nice bussiness deal oranything else then we feel positive emotions in our internal world. If something unfavorable happens like a break-up, losing your dream job, etc thenwe feel negative emotions in our internal world.

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