Ourdaily lives are so full of stress and troubles. Whatever we do kickstarts a chain of thought patterns inside our minds and compells us to give a certain reaction to a situation. It is our reaction to a situation that governs how much stressful that situation is going to be.

With time our mind learns and programs itself to give the same kind of reaction again and again resulting in ever increasing stress levels in our lives. The key to living stress free lies in reprograming our mind to give an appropriate reaction to the troublesome and complicated situations.

It is often said that if we change our reaction, which is in our hands, then we can cope up with anything in our lives. It is not as easy as it sounds. Our minds are not notebooks where we can easily rub something that is previously written and write something new. Though in another way it is much like so provided we use the right techniques.

Before going further we should take a look into how our mind works. Our mind is a complicated bunch of emotions, feelings, perceptions, belief systems that we have accumulated over time. The same set of feelings it repeats throughout our entire lives. These feelings may include love, anger, anxiety, jealousy, hatered, sorrow, despair, joy, pleasure, bliss, connection etc.

It is not inappropriate to say that it is our own feelings that hurt us. It will be more clear if we see an example. Suppose we face a situation in our life which is too demanding and requires a concentrated effort to be resolved. If we keep our mind busy in feeling emotions like anger, frustration, anxiety then it will consume most of our mental energy and our concentration will take a hit. The result would be that the situation may not be resolved and we may end up feeling even more frustrated. What would have been appropriate in such a situation is that if we would have allowed ourselves to love our true self completely, then it would have channelized all our mental energy into maximized effort. Because when we learn to love ourselves our mind automatically keeps away the emotions of frustration, anger and stress, thus saving our energy and solving the situation in hand with greater ease resulting in substantially increased satisfactory levels. How to discover our true self and how to love ourselves completely will be covered in future posts. First, our goal is to understand the working of the mind because psychology also says that knowing what the problem is covers the 75% part and solving it is merely 25% part of the picture. And if we get to know the working of our mind then we can spot the problems well.

It is a well known fact that man is a creature of habits. Whatever we do and think repeatedly over a period of time forms a series of neural pathways in our brains. The more repeatedly we do a certain action the more stronger these pathways become. These neural pathways correspond to our daily habits. The feelings that we feel repeatedly , the actions we perform daily, all our habits are result of these pathways inside our brain. The key to the solution lies in discovering that these habits (these neural pathways) are not our true selves. Our true self (who we are) is different from what we feel and do.

To keep this post simple I will end it here. In future posts I will cover more complicated issues like relationships, family, career, stress management etc.

Everyone of us wants to live a peaceful and happy life but hardly a few of us are able to do it. Some of us even spend all our lives thinking that we are happy when we are actually not. Happiness is not just having great material belongings, a nice career, a good spouse etc. But is it is

It is very important to understand that we as human beings have two worlds- internal and external. External world consists of our material posessions and everything that exists in the physical world. Our internal world consists of our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts. Until we are not fully and equally happy in both these worlds then we will always be unhappy. Control of both the worlds is in our own hands. If we want to be happy externally then we can pursue a good career to have nice material wealth. (I will do a post on how to pursue a good career by accessing your true potential in future.) But first our focus is on making our internal world happy. And it is also true that if we do not correct our internal world then all the neagtive emotions of anger, frustration and stress will have negative affects on our concentration levels (as discussed in previous post) and all our efforts in pursuing our dreams of a great career will be useless. So it is clear that until we make ourselves internally happy we can not even be externally happy.

Our internal consists of two chief components where all our feelings, thoughts and emotions come from- Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. Modern science and psychology offer a great variety of definitions of both these terms. But we won’t dwell ourselves in technicalties here. Our conscious mind controls all those feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions of ours that we do consciously and knowingly i.e. things that we know that we are doing, thoughts that we know that we are thinking. For example- think about a movie, thinking about a friend, thoughts while cooking food etc. Subconscious Mind controls those actions and thoughts of ours which we are not even aware that we are thinking. The actions and thoughts that take place automatically without our conscious effort. For example – while driving a motorcycle we don’t even think about accelerator, gears, clutch and brakes; yet we drive with such a great ease and fluidity.

This is the power of our sub-conscious mind. It is able to do things with perfection without even thinking about them. If we are able to tap into the hidden powers of our subconscious mind then we will know the possibilities that we haven’t imagined yet. Our Subconscious mind is also the controller of our conscious mind. This implies that whatever we do consciously it is actually coming from our subconscious mind. It also means that whatever obstacles we face in living a peaceful life like negative emotions of fear, guilt, loneliness, depression etc are actually deeply embedded in our subconscious mind. So if we correct our subconscious mind then we can root out all the negative emotions and live a peaceful and joyous life.

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